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Customized Cardboard Boxes for Each Requirement

As you well know, a big part of the existing products are being wrapped, transported, stored and sold in packages made out of curled carton. This system allows us to keep the products in the best way possible until it reaches the hands of clients.

In what concerns this carton boxes, we can have curled and two-ply boxes where the line of products is quite diverse. We also have 3-layer curled cardboards, five-layer boards, and the well known two-ply carton boxes. These boxes come in different sizes, starting with the smallest ones, up to the bigger ones, such as cardboard boxes for doors and furniture.

The quality of these cardboard boxes is set by the way in which they are processed. In this way, most of the carton boxes manufacturers choose modern tools and hardware such as different types and sizes of matrixes and stamp machines, for all those personalized cardboard boxes.

The carton can be found in two notable colors: the beige one, which is the most common, and white. Even here, you have the possibility to ask for other custom-made colors. The assembling is performed through stapling, gluing and auto-assembly.

Basically, we use cardboard boxes to store pretty much everything. Many industries use carton boxes to store and transport their products. Here, we can begin with the most developed industry, the food industry, where the manufacturers need cardboard boxes to store and transport vegetables, fruits, ice-cream, cookies, cakes, alcohol beverages, soft drinks, chocolate, coffee, cooked food, etc.

Cardboard boxes are used as well in the cosmetic industry to store detergents, toothpaste, and other cosmetic products, in the technical industry for various products such as glass, chinaware or fittings. As you can see, we need carton boxes and carton packages for pretty much any product we use and buy.

The advantages of using these cardboard boxes, personalized or not, are numerous. The most important thing is related to the protection offered to all products. Through the various carton layers of the package, the product is safe against all mechanical shocks. In the same time, a cardboard box protects the products against the temperature fluctuations, which can occur during transport.

Another notable advantage which is worth to be mentioned is the fact that cardboard boxes have a specific construction meant to offer enough protection for a certain type of product. Therefore, if you choose to use cardboard boxes, you will see a significant cost reduction and low production rates. This is due to their low production price but also to the superior productivity in developing such package.

In the same time, these boxes are light-weighted, lighter than the wood packages, having the same packaging volume. Cardboard boxes take small space, they can be transported and stored folded up, and because of their high durability, and they can be used multiple times.

As I mentioned above, the color and the print is your choice. Here, the boxes can be easily stamped and printed based on the client’s needs, and even the product transport will become easier and simpler while having the boxes stored and arranged based on each product. Plus, a customized package is a good way to promote your business.

In the last part, the quality of the package is closely related to the quality of the product, and this thing is essential to succeed in a certain market segment.